Sea Creatures Revisited - Junco Sato Pollack
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Sea Creatures Revisited

About This Project

In the 1980s Junco used to raise silkworms organically from eggs to cocoons, from which she hand-reeled and spun sericin- rich silk filaments to turn them into hand-woven silk sculpture, utilizing woven-in shibori stitches to impart textures, shape, and simultaneously color hand-woven silk fibers. They developed into Sea Creatures Series, Vessel Series, and so on many of which were exhibited in museums and major curated exhibits.


Since 2016 being inspired by kudzu fiver processing and other plant fibers, on-going works developing are mix-media sculpture, revisiting woven silk sculptures.


Each work is one of a kind, signed, dated, and numbered.


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    • Sea Creatures Revisited 2017-1

    • Sea Creatures Revisited 2017-1

    • Sea Creatures Revisited 2017-2

    • Sea Creatures Revisited 2017-2