Stitched Mandala - Junco Sato Pollack
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Stitched Mandala

About This Project

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle.” The mandala, one of Himalayan Buddhism’s most ubiquitous symbols, is created as an artistic aid for meditation. Depicting a realm that is both complex and sacred, the mandala is a visualization tool meant to advance practitioners toward a state of enlightenment.


The stitched mandala, Kinhin Series explores the various manifestations of the state of mind through stitching meditation, simultaneously explaining their symbolism, describing how they fulfill their intended function, and demonstrating their correlation to our physical reality.


In my meditation activity, stitching practice induces the state of equilibrium that promotes a deeper grounding, detachment, and freedom from mental bondage to fast-paced life we lead today. Specifically, I combined stitching mandala with the practice of Kinhin, 謹頻 – walking meditation, circle walking, thereby creating imprint that simulates the experience of walking meditation in space in time. This mental juxtaposition produces the experience that is focused in microcosmic scale, while specious in macrocosmic view at the same time.


Interview with Mel Van Dusen at the opening reception at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles


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  • Category
    • Auspicious Beginning 観自在

    • Focus 無明

    • Resolution 行識

    • Transcendence 三菩提

    • Transcendence 三菩提 (detail)

    • Samadhi

    • Samadhi - Detail 1

    • Samadhi - Detail 2

    • Samadhi - Detail 3

    • Samadhi - Detail 4

    • Kinhin 6 Nirvana

    • Kinhin 6 Nirvana Detail 1

    • Kinhin 6 Nirvana Detail 2

    • Kinhin 6 Nirvana Detail 3

    • Kinhin Series #7 Kaivalya