Zen / Zen Cube - Junco Sato Pollack
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Zen / Zen Cube

About This Project

Minimalist form cube is a representation of the floating world in a nutshell. Zen Cube series depicts moments in my life when no thoughts, empty mind produce pleasing work of art, not unlike Zen calligraphy in which the subject merges the object of concentration.


Locus -Improvisation- a wall hanging was conceived responding to the energy of the space while working in cube format.


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  • Category
    • Hanging scroll w/ fiberglass rods in sleeves 1995 Fabric cubes 72" x 108"Hardware: three Plexi vertical rods, ceiling attachments, two hooks and a wide hook Installed in the Presidential Suite at Hotel Mandarin Oriental, Miami, Florida Published in Hotels, the Magazine of the Worldwide Hotel Industry, July 2001, p. 90(A)-28 (Left)

    • Locus - Improvisation

    • ZEN Cubes #1 1996 Fabric cubes12" x 12" x 12" each Embroidery and aluminum leaf on polyester and silver /silk organza Displayed on the wall in multiples

    • ZEN Cubes Installation

    • ZEN Cubes #21999 Fabric cubes12" x 12" x 12" Dye sublimation, laminate, embroidery on polyester organza

    • Origami Cubes 2000 Fabric cubes18" x 18" x 18" each Dye sublimation, head crimping, laminate, stitches on polyester organza

    • Origami Cubes Installation

    • Origami Cube Installation, Mandarin Oriental International, Miami, Florida